Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Agatha Raisin and The Vicious Vet by M.C.Beaton

ISBN 9781845290818

Love the cover. Though I have to say the Agatha Raisen in my head doesn't look at all like that.

Friends from my old blog, Willow House, will know that I have long enjoyed the writings of M.C.Beaton and after exploring the works of other authors it was wonderful to revisit an old friend.

Don't know how, but somehow or other, I managed to miss this the second of Agatha's adventures. Here she falls for the new vet, who manages to accidentially kill himself. Or does he? The demise of the vicious vet provides the perfect opportunity for Agatha to pursue Mr Lacey, one almost feels sorry for him.

If you too like Agatha Raisen you can read her biography online here


  1. This sounds interesting ~ looks like I'm going to be making another trip to the library...

    Marie x

  2. Thanks to you mentioning Agatha Raisin some time ago I have now read several of these books.
    I pick them up when I need something light and easy to read.
    I'm not sure what Agatha looks like. from the descriptions in the book I still find it difficult to get a picture of her in my mind. All I know is she doesn't come across as a particlar likeable character.

  3. She can be quite outrageously rude can't she Rosie? Actually I think that is why I like her, who hasn't wanted to do an Agatha on occasion and jsut tell someone to "p--s off"? Good manners usually prevail.