Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Plague Maiden A Wesley Peterson murder mystery by Kate Ellis

(ISBN 0749906685)

Loving the library at the moment as it is giving me the opportunity to try loads of different authors without the risk of disapointment. After all if I don't particularly like the book I can just take it back and it hasn't cost me a penny. No guilt, brilliant.

Anyway this one I did like, which was a relief after Inspector Peach from the previous post.

"When a letter arrives at Tradmouth police station claiming that the man convicted of murdering the Vicar of Belsham during the course of a robbery in 1991 is innocent, it causes quite a stir. DI Wesley Peterson, however, already has his hands full when threats are made to local supermarket chain, Huntings, and the last thing he needs is an alleged miscarriage of justice to investigate. But, with political pressure from above, it seems that he has no choice.
Meanwhile archaeologist Neil Watson is surprised to uncover a medieval plague pit at a site near Belsham church earmarked for Huntings' new superstore. And when Neil is attacked, it seems that someone is willing to use violence to ensure that the plague pit keeps its secrets.
As Wesley's investigations continue, he begins to suspect that the vicar's murder, the disappearance of a former Sunday school teacher and the threats to the supermarket my be linked in some way. Then comes the disturbing discovery that the ancient plague pit is home to a more recent resident..."

I liked the characters they are very human with real everyday concerns and I enjoyed the mix of archaeology and murder. I'll certainly be looking out for more of Kate Ellis. Actually I wonder how long it will be before Wesley Peterson hits our television screens?


  1. Hi Carolyn!

    I`ve finally made it over! Hope you and your family are doing good :) This one does sound interesting. When I`m finished all my books at home here, I`ll write some of the ones you like down and check them out at the library :)