Thursday, 30 July 2009

Witch's Sabbath by J.M. Gregson

ISBN 0727863428
Bit of a disappointment this one, not that it wasn't a perfectly good murder mystery, the type where the police actually do the investigating rather than eccentric amateurs. But take a look at the bumf from the fly leaf:
"In an area famous for the Lancashire Witches four centuries earlier, it seems that witchcraft still flourishes. When a body is discovered in a derelict farmhouse, it is partly mummified, a pathetic ruin. Although an identity is quickly established, that is only the first of many problems. No one reported this young woman's disappearance when she went missing four months earlier. Most of those who were closest to her, from her former employer to her newly-acquired boyfriend, had reasons to keep quiet. Her flatmate, a woman of her own age, seems to have been very sure that Annie Clark was never going to return. And it appears she was a member of a modern coven, containing both male and female members...
Chief Inspector Percy Peach, Detective Sergeant Lucy Blake and the team, hindered as usual by the direction of Chief Superintendent Thomas Bulstrode Tucker, have one of their most puzzling and compelling mysteries to solve. "
I'm afraid I rather misinterpreted it and thought the book might contain a bit of "spooky" for want of a better word. It doesn't.


  1. I just listened to this on an audio book! I too was expecting a bit more spookiness, but it was a perfectly adequate murder; could have done with a bit less of the police-on-police rumpy pumpy!

  2. I'm glad I wasn't actually listening to the audio book as I found the bedroom scenes a bit cringe worthy! Actually I think I'll be giving Inspector Peach a miss in future.